Victoria: Fixing rural crossings, TrackSAFE congratulates state government

18 Mar

The Victoria state government has been on a whirlwind path of late to address the issue of level crossing safety through its Fix Country Crossing Program.

As part of the programme, the Napthine Government declared that it would upgrade a total of 50 level crossings that were deemed in need of attention.

TrackSAFE has welcomed the initiative and commended the Government when it reached its set target last month, by upgrading the Aerodrome Road level crossing in Avenel, Victoria.

This crossing is not only the 50th to receive the upgrade, but was also listed last year by train drivers as one of the top 10 worst level crossings in the State in a TrackSAFE initiative.

The infamous level crossing has had many near collisions and is one of most concern amongst train drivers. There are thousands of near collisions between vehicles and trains at level crossing every year and each one is just seconds’ way from becoming a potential disaster.

In 2013 TrackSAFE went out to train drivers to ask them which level crossing they thought were the worst in each State, most level crossings made the list due to records of near collisions, heavy vehicle frequency and sighting distances.

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