Who uses LXinfo?

3 Mar

In the year since LXinfo has been published as a blog, it has built a following from around the world. To date LXinfo has been read in 77 jurisdictions. On the basis of pages viewed the percentage attributable to each jurisdiction is as follows

United Kingdom 47.1%
Australia 16.1%
United States of America 13.1%
South Africa 5.9%
Canada 2.2%
India 2.2%
Ireland 1.5%
Czech Republic 1.2%
Denmark 1.2%
Germany 1.2%
Sweden 1.1%

The following in ranked order each account for less than 1% of pages viewed:

France, New Zealand, Finland, Brazil, Italy, Portugal Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Egypt, Philippines, Austria, Croatia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Estonia, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Korea, Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Russian Federation, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania, Latvia, Norway, Greece, Colombia, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Argentina, Serbia, Mongolia, Luxembourg, Algeria, Israel, Morocco, Qatar, Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Tanzania, Venezuela, Mozambique, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Taiwan, Chile, Oman, Jordan, Honduras, Uruguay, Botswana, Nepal.

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