Melbourne, VIC: CRC for Rail Innovation research workshop

26 Feb

While the risk of an incident occurring at a level crossing is relatively low, the consequences of an incident have the potential to be devastating. A large number of level crossings in Australia have no form of active protection and this is a significant safety risk for Australia. In recent years this background has led to a suite of research projects delivered by the CRC for Rail Innovation.

The CRC has scheduled a Future Rail Level Crossing Safety Research workshop to align with the Australasian Railway Level Crossing Safety Forum. The workshop is being offered to members of the Australian Rail Industry and jurisdictional governments who are interested in finding out more about the outcomes from the CRC for Rail Innovation’s suite of level crossing related projects and who would like to engage in a discussion with the CRC and the Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation (ACRI) on the future direction of rail level crossing research in Australia.

Where: Melbourne
When: Friday 21st March 2014, (8:45am to 3:00pm)
Venue: The Heritage Lounge, Rendezvous Hotel (Flinders Street)

To book a place go to:

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