Morocco: Delivery of level crossing plan forges ahead

11 Dec

On the occasion of Morocco’s Independence Day celebrations, Moroccan Railways (ONCF) and the local authorities in Settat Province inaugurated a road-over-rail bridge to replace a level crossing located to the south of Sidi El Aidi and began construction of another in the same town.

The execution of these projects, which required an investment of MAD 25 million, falls within the scope of ONCF’s programme to eliminate level crossings and replace them with grade-separated routes across the railway in order to secure improved safety.

MAD 100 million has been allocated to this programme for the Berrechid-Settat corridor alone, in order to remove all level crossings on this corridor by 2015. of the 19 level crossings along this corridor, 12 have been removed since 2010 (60%) and have been replaced by three road-over rail bridges, three subways and an underpass at a cost of MAD 45 million.

The construction of these projects is part of ONCF’s ambitious programme, worth almost MAD 1.5 billion, between 2010 and 2015 in order to improve safety along the railway’s rights of way.
With regard to level crossings, this programme addresses three priority areas:
◾ Removing 180 level crossings, which represents 50% of those existing and 100% of those located along double tracks (Fez-Casablanca-Marrakech, Casablanca El Jadida) with replacement grade-separated routes across the railway at an increased rate of 40 each year until 2015. This is a significant increase over the two per year rate pre 2005 and double that prevailing between 2010-2012.
◾ Upgrading 260 presently unmanned level crossings to an automatic half-barrier configuration
◾ No level crossings to be constructed This is already the case in the project to double-track the route between Settat and Marrakech and other projects such as the Taourirt-Nador and Tangier Med Port routes.

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