United States: FRA publishes updated position on quiet zones

30 Nov

The Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) annual adjustment of the Nationwide Significant Risk Threshold (NSRT) may provide some relief for communities struggling to establish or maintain quiet zones while continuing to address critical safety issues. FRA developed this index to allow all Quiet Zone applicants to fully assess the risks of silencing train horns and pursue the additional safety engineering improvements needed to mitigate them. The addition of engineering improvements has played a significant part in the 34% decline of highway-rail level crossing incidents over the past 10 years.

The NSRT calculates permissible risk, based on an average of the risk indexes for gated public crossings nationwide, where train horns are routinely sounded. The Notice of Adjustment was published in the Federal Register on November 26th, 2013, and has also been posted on FRA’s website. Contact: Kevin Thompson 202 493 6024 for more information.

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