Penzance, United Kingdom: County Council stands by crossing closure

28 Nov

The latest move in the saga of the Mexico footpath level crossing in Long Rock, near Penzance is Cornwall County Council’s decision to forward the closure proposal to the Secretary of State for Transport. This means that the crossing remains closed on safety grounds and thus responds to the concerns of both the Coroner who conducted the Inquest relating to a 2011 fatality and Network Rail.

If the Secretary of State decides that a public inquiry is necessary before a final decision on the closure of the level crossing is taken, this strikes me as a waste of public money. I take this view because the County Council has taken a legitimate decision in light of a public consultation which has taken account of views expressed both for and against the closure. I believe that the suggestion attributed to the County Council that the Secretary of State is likely to hold a public inquiry is a way of buck-passing that does nothing to add value to the County Council’s recommendation that the crossing should remain closed.

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