Windsor, Ontario: Stp signs removed, accident ensues

22 Nov

A teenager has been charged with careless driving as a result of a collision with a train on a passive level crossing in Windsor. The collision was on the night of November 19th-20th, 2013 at the 7th Concession crossing which until two years ago was protected with a stop sign in addition to the standard crossbuck installed, say city officials in a non-standard way. because of this the City of Windsor ordered the removal of the stop signs.

Now, as a result of the accident which did not seriously injure the motorist, the City of Windsor has said that it attempted dialogue with Canadian National (CN) the owner of the rail infrastructure around the time the stop signs were removed. Now, CN has responded positively of the need to resolve the issues associated with the removal of the stop signs. However, CN has pointed out that the equipment at the level crossing meets federal standards, that they have improved sight-lines and that trains travel at about 15kph.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that most people stopped at the level crossing when the signs were present but since the removal of the stop signs most people drive across with little regard to the possibility of there being a train.

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