Eaglesciffe, United Kingdom: Crossing upgraded to full-barrier status

21 Nov

Work to upgrade the presently automatic half-barrier level crossing on Durham Lane, Allen’s West, Eaglesciffe on the Darlington to Saltburn rail line is starting this weekend (November 23rd-24th, 2013) and completes the following weekend.

Network Rail is installing new, full-barriers which cover the whole road on this busy crossing as part of renewals work in the area.

Phil Verster, Route Managing Director of Network Rail, explained: “This new crossing will allow us to operate the railway more efficiently and has the additional benefit that the barriers cover the whole road so there is no way any drivers can be tempted to swerve around them. Because it is located next to a housing estate this crossing sees a lot of use and these improvements will help everyone to use it safely.” interstingly, community activists are arguing that it is their campaign over the last two-years prompted by “near-miss” incidents involving young children that has triggered this upgrade.

The crossing is being upgraded to improve the level of safety at the crossing. Network Rail is taking the opportunity to install the most modern design of crossing instead of a like-for-like replacement.

Northern Rail has been advising passengers of the new arrangements and to make sure they leave enough time to cross when coming to the station to catch their train.

Richard Allan, Area Director for Northern Rail, added: “Customer safety is a priority for us and is why we are supporting the changes Network Rail is making at Allen’s West. We hope this upgrade helps everyone who uses the crossing, use it safely.”

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