Ottawa, Canada: Minister says new regulations will be unveilled this year

23 Sep

Federal Transport Minister, Lisa Raitt has responded to last week’s multi-fatality level crossing accident in Ottawa saying that the government will unveil new rail safety regulations “this year”. At the same time she has said that railway businesses should get on with developing ideas to improve the safety of Canada’s level crossings in conjunction with the communities they serve. The new regulations, which have been under development for several years, are still being drafted said Raitt.

However, Ms Raitt said the new regulations would include “ground rules” for the approach that the railway infrastructure providers and the and the municipalities or provinces, as highways authorities work together to determine the appropriate level of safety at level crossings.

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) said on September 20th, that the level crossing in Ottawa where six died and more than 30 were injured earlier in the week was working correctly at the time of the accident. The lights and bells activated 47 seconds before the collision and that the barriers lowered as intended. The TSB also said that the train driver made an emergency brake application two seconds before the train and bus collided.

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