Fort Branch, Indiana: Child death kick-starts closure initiative

13 Aug

The death of a four-year-old in a train-car level crossing accident on August 6th, 2013 is fuelling renewed activity to secure closure of the crossing. The father and sister of the child that was killed were also injured when the family’s minivan was hit by a train.

The accident which occurred on the County Road 550 level crossing close to the intersection with US41 to the north of Fort Branch was not the first fatal accident on this passive level crossing. An elderly woman died in October 2011 when her car was hit by a train. In the same month another death occurred which has been deemed to be intentional rather than an accident.

Now the President of Gibson County’s Board of Commissioners has renewed his call for the upgrading of the level crossing to automatic half-barrier configuration, reiterating his concerns raised over the past 20 years. previously in 2007 CSX approached the Board of Commissioners to secure their agreement that this crossing of the CSX right-of-way should be eliminated in exchange for the upgrade of other level crossings in the vicinity. This scheme was not progressed as a result of public opposition,

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