Middleboro, Massachusetts: Selectman speaks-out on crossing risk

5 Aug

The Chairman of the Middleboro Board of Selectmen (councillors) has spoken-out about unmitigated risk at level crossings in Middleboro, Massachusetts now that the Cape Flyer seasonal passenger train to Hyannis on Cape Cod has been introduced. The new service, sponsored by the Cape Cod regional Transit Authority (CCRTA), Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), Massachusetts DOT and others, that operates at weekends and on public holidays through the summer is proving popular with travellers from Boston and intermediate stops to Cape Cod.

The Middleboro selectmen’s position is that they have not seen the risk assessment, promised fencing and that there have been problems with the Miller Street level crossing operating when no train was present. However, MBTA has said that the route assessment did not identify any significant issues. Likewise CCRTA said that it thought all concerns had been addressed.

Prior to the introduction of the passenger service, the first for 25 years, beginning on May 24th, 2013 work was undertaken to add pavement markings and advance warning signs and to clear brush obstructing sightlines at level crossings. Work is on-going to add fencing in selected urban areas and placing granite or concrete blocks to prevent vehicular and pedestrian trespass. Additionally, work within the community to educate people of the risks associated with trespass and misuse of level crossings has been stepped-up.

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