Kellmünz, Germany: Train derails and turns-over, 13 injured in crossing collision

23 Jul

Thirteen people were injured when a train and a car collided on an active open level crossing in Kellmünz which is located between Ulm and Memmingen. The train derailed and turned on its side as a result of the collision which occurred shortly before 07.00 on July 17th, 2013. The car was locally registered and it has been reported that the driver was a local resident and therefore likely to have been familiar with the level crossing.

Two passengers travelling one the train were seriously injured in the collision, one of whom was ejected from the train. The third person who was seriously injured is understood to have been the motorist.

An initial estimate was that the material damage alone can be valued at EUR 3.5 million.

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Also the cause of the accident was still unclear. “Whether the woman has not seen the flashing light or as otherwise came to the accident, the hearings will only arise,” said a police spokesman in Kempten. Evidence of a defect in the flasher system were not available.

At the accident site was a large contingent of rescue workers in action. The crew of more than 40 emergency vehicles of emergency services, fire and police departments as well as four helicopters took care of the injured. This disabled many onlookers the work.

The railway line was closed between Ulm-Memmingen Illertissen and Memmingen. The track announced that the closure because the repair of the tracks is expected to last several days. As a spokesman for the police in Kempten said to Sü, should only be delivered by a special crane Warnemunde to remove the remaining standing pull part of the tracks.

How are the residents of the house, has landed in the front yard of the railcars, the police spokesman could not say. “All we know so far is that no one was hurt in the house, at least in this respect, the accident got off lightly.”

The prosecution has engaged a consultant to clarify the cause of the accident. For the evaluation of web service technology also determining the federal police were involved.

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