France: Further level crossing accidents tax RFF and SNCF

17 Jul

Soon, the most dangerous level crossing in the whole of the Ile-de-France region is to be equipped with photo-enforcement cameras. However, there has been a further collision between a train and a road vehicle on this crossing at Allinges, in the municipality of Chauny, Aisne, on July 17th, 2013.
In this case a car became stuck between the barriers. Fortunately, the motorist was able to evacuate his vehicle before it was struck by a train. As a result of the collision the traction current supply system was damaged leading to significant disruption of train services.

This accident occurred just two days after an 18-year-old was killed on a level crossing when his motor-scooter was struck by a train on a level crossing in Éperlecques, near Saint-Omer, Pas-de-Calais.

RFF, the national rail infrastructure manager and train operator SNCF continue to work hard to reduce risk arising at level crossings but continue to see serious accidents, too often when road users impatience leads them into a conflict with a train. Awareness raising is running at a significantly higher level than was the case. Likewise, investment at a higher level to eliminate risk arising at level crossings continues to be made in a prioritised manner.

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