France: Even the Tour de France stops at level crossings

17 Jul

LXinfoImage1187-Tour de France stops for a trainNetwork Rail were quick to take advantage of the Tour de France riders stopping at a level crossing to promote safety at level crossings, putting out a press release:

“Yesterday [July 16th, 2013] Tour de France cyclists were stopped in their tracks, waiting for a train to pass before safely crossing the tracks.

It is great to see railway safety taken seriously at the highest level of sport, along with a display of sportsmanship as the breakaway group – who passed the crossing before it closed – slowed down to let the rest catch up.

In Britain, we’ve improved our level crossings to the point where they are now the safest in Europe. Despite this in the past year alone there has been one fatality at a level crossing involving a cyclist, with dozens more recorded incidents including near misses and cyclists being struck by trains.

Where a road or footpath meets the railway there is always a risk to the public. We are reducing this risk by investing £130 million to make level crossings safer, including adding new barriers and technology, footbridges and cycle paths.

We wish everyone on the Tour luck – and to anyone using level crossings, please stay safe”.

LXinfo says well done Network Rail.

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