Lancashire, United Kingdom: Network Rail delivers crossing upgrade

9 Jul

Pedestrians and motorists using Four Ends Lane level crossing near Hoscar, Lancashire now have safer journeys after an upgrade to the level crossing in the village.

The old crossing design dated from the 1980s and was designed for much lower usage than experienced today with no signal protection and barriers operated by a crossing attendant.

Following a near miss between a train and a vehicle in September 2012, Network Rail obtained a temporary closure of the crossing while improvement works that had already been designed were implemented.

The new full barrier crossing opened in June 2013 and benefits from automatic protection and obstacle detection, substantially reducing the risk for crossing users.

Network Rail route managing director Dyan Crowther said: “Where a road or footpath meets the railway there will always be a risk – tragically, for a few people every year, this results in injury or loss of life.

“The surest way to reduce risk at a level crossing is to close it. If this isn’t possible, then we need to make sure the right safety measures are in place. I’d like to thank local people for their understanding and patience while we worked to complete the upgrade at Four Ends Lane.”

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