United States: FRA’s new inventory app – first experiences

19 Jun

Well, I’ve found the time today to have a real go with the Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) new locator app on my iPad. First impressions are that it is easy to use by anyone familiar with mapping applications. A pleasant surprise for me that the inventory includes grade-separated intersections between rail and road as well as level crossings.

I’ve unfortunately also found out how easy it is to send feedback to FRA on issues with specific crossings. In my case, the individual crossing feedback from my excursion around Barnstable County in Massachusetts was that of the first six crossings I looked at one had the wrong description for a crossing in another town, one doesn’t exist in the town it is shown to be in and in any event the icon is not even on the course of any railway past or present. A third icon was in the middle of a lake some distance from where it should be and the fourth was similarly detached from where it should have been located. The other two were spot-on

Despite the significant niggles with my admittedly very small sample, this locator app has the potential to be of great value.

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