Australia: ANTC releases partnership programme report with transferable lessons

19 Jun

The Australian National Transportation Commission (ANTC) has released an excellent report that describes its National Road Safety Partnership Program, which is a collaborative network for businesses, governments and researchers to share information and good practice regarding road safety. Indeed, it contains transferable lessons to more specific programmes with a focus on the highway-rail interface.

Given the potential value of such a programme, I’ve included below the executive summary of the ANTC report:

“Corporate action on road safety

Australia’s National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 has identified that road safety is not just the
responsibility of the government, but requires the support and engagement of not-for-profits, businesses, community groups and individuals.

For many businesses, vehicles and driving make up the greatest risks for their employees. These risks can be a part of daily business activities, or in the employees’ commuting journey. Work-related road crashes in Australia account for about 50 per cent of all occupational fatalities and 15 per cent of national road deaths (ATC, 2011).

A number of businesses within Australia and internationally have introduced road safety initiatives which result in a safer workforce, and in turn, a safer community. The returns are often also realised in other ways such as customer loyalty, decreased operating costs, a more skilled workforce, overall reduction in corporate risk, and enhanced brand recognition.

The National Road Safety Partnership Program

In July 2011, the National Transport Commission (NTC) began to engage with the business sector about
developing a collaborative approach towards improving Australia’s road safety performance (see Appendix 1 for background information). In August 2011, the NTC released the discussion paper, A Corporate Approach to Transport Safety, which was based on initial consultation with businesses that have already implemented initiatives on road safety within and beyond their workplaces.

This consultation revealed corporate Australia’s desire for a national collaborative program on road safety that draws on the strengths of existing programs and initiatives, while encouraging better practice, innovation and shared learning.

The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) is a collaborative network for businesses, governments and researchers to share information and good practice regarding road safety. The NRSPP will facilitate knowledge sharing opportunities for all businesses so they can choose and implement the right tools for their operational needs and, importantly, measure and evaluate the outcomes.

Recognition through formalised partnerships is proposed for organisations that demonstrate an on-going commitment to creating and monitoring a positive road safety culture. Importantly, the program seeks to achieve road safety outcomes through non-regulatory reform.

This initiative will complement existing programs, promote linkages and identify opportunities to share ideas and practices across different industries. The NTC’s role is to act as the project initiator, with the aim of transferring the program to a new medium during mid-2014.

The role of this strategy

This strategy outlines the vision, key objectives, principles for collaboration and a framework for implementation of the program which will enable businesses and organisations to create a positive road safety culture.”

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