Haut-Intyamon, Switzerland: third family membe killed on level crossing

17 Jun

A boy was killed when he was struck by a train on a passive level crossing in Neirivue, Haut-Intyamon, Fribourg at about 18.15 on June 15th, 2013. The boy was on his scooter at a level crossing where his uncle, the then Mayor, and another family member were killed eight years ago when the car in which they were travelling was struck by a train. The boy who was killed was with his sister, who was uninjured when the accident occurred on June 15th. A further dimension is the father of the child who was killed at the weekend is an employee of the railway company whose infrastructure is crossed by the level crossing on which the accident occurred.

As is usual after such an accident, renewed calls have been made for the crossing to be upgraded to an active status or better still, replaced by a subway.

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