Langley, British Columbia: Electronic signage on the way

6 Jun

LXinfoImage1168-crossing status sign, LangleyElectronic advisory signs are on the way to Langley where they will advise motorists which level crossings are open and which are closed to road traffic by the presence of a train. The seven signs will be installed by March 31st, 2014 but will not be operational until other works are complete. The switch-on of the signs will be preceded by a public education campaign to explain how the signs work.

The displays are part of the CAD2.5 million Rail Crossing Information System (RCIS) that uses advanced motion detectors to predict when a train is going to pass through a level crossing. RCIS is funded by the CAD307 million Roberts Bank Rail Corridor project, which aims to reduce congestion and the potential for vehicle collisions by building overpasses and directing commuters away from level crossings. Funding is by a partnership o local, regional, provincial, and federal governments as well as the private sector.

The rationale for the project is the expected increase in the daily number of trains from an average of 18 today to a predicted 38 by 2021, the longest of which could be as long as 12,000 feet

The corridor has, at present, 38 public and 16 private level crossings. In Langley, three road-over-rail bridges are to be constructed.

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