San Bruno, California: Grade separation project moves towards fruition

24 May

Caltrain’s San Bruno Grade Separation Project has reached an important milestone with trains travelling on the new elevated railway right-of-way from May 26th, 2013. During the construction of the elevated tracks, trains have been operating on a “shoofly” or temporary track. This grade-separation project elevates the railway over San Bruno, San Mateo and Angus Avenues at a cost of USD 147 million. With the new railway alignment in place the temporary tracks and the associated temporary level crossing will be demolished. This will require temporary street closures and road traffic diversions. The new elevated alignment has allowed three pedestrian underpasses to be provided

Grade-separations reduce accidents by separating vehicle and pedestrian traffic from train tracks at level crossings. Since the Ralston/Harbor/Holly Grade Separation Project in Belmont and San Carlos was completed in 2001, there have been only two fatalities in the area. Before the grade separation five fatalities occurred in the area during an eight-year period.

The project is funded by USD85.6 million in sales tax revenues from Measure A, a voter-approved half-cent sales tax for transit and transportation projects in San Mateo County. Those Measure A dollars were leveraged to attract USD54.8 million in state funds and USD6.6 million in federal funds. Fifteen percent of all the funds collected under the reauthorized measure (approved by voters in 2004) are allocated to Caltrain grade-separation project.


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