Ragusa, Italy: A community united against the railway

21 May

RFI, the Italian national rail infrastructure manager, remains public enemy number one in Ragusa, Sicily, if local politicians reflect the views of the community they seek to serve. Why, because there is an election for mayor looming and RFI have managed to alienate the community with its plans to eliminate the Via Paestum level crossing without a direct substitute route across the railway. Indeed, feelings are running high because of what is considered to be an apparant lack of concern within RFI of the impact of its decision to close the level crossing and construct a wall to prevent trespass in the vicinity of the crossing. Activists have formed a committee to challenge the closure decision which has garnered considerable support, led to talks between RFI and the provincial and local administrations and caused RFI to defer the closure of the Via Paestum level crossing until August 2013 to give time for talks to agree a way around the present impasse between Ragusa and RFI.

One Response to “Ragusa, Italy: A community united against the railway”

  1. Andrew Fraser June 4, 2013 at 09:37 #

    Good luck to the people of Ragusa – interesting to note the RFI attitude. Must be something about railways that engenders such contempt in their managers for users of other ways …

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