Doncaster & Selby, UK: Area-wide upgrade programme

12 May

LXinfoImage468-NetworkRaillogoNetwork Rail, the national manager of railway infrastructure, is delivering improvements to a number of level crossings in the Selby and Doncaster areas. Public meetings are to be held during the week beginning May 13th, 2013 to brief users on the changes being made.

The on-going work will bring the crossings up to the latest standards and improve safety; especially for pedestrians as unlocked wicket gates will be removed as part of the project,

The level crossings at which improvements are being made are:

  • Burn Lane, Selby
  • Henwick Hall, Common Lane, Selby
  • Sandhill Lane, Selby
  • Thorpe Gates, Leeds Road, Selby
  • Thorpe Hall, Dam Lane Selby
  • Balne Lowgate, Lowgate, Selby
  • Balne, Highgate, Selby
  • Moss, Moss Road, Doncaster
  • Fenwick, Fenwick Lane, Doncaster
  • Barcroft, Bar Croft Lane, Doncaster
  • Hayworth, Heyworth, Doncaster

The crossings at Burn Lane, Sandhill Lane, Fenwick, Barcroft, Heyworth and Balne Lowgate are moving from Victorian era gates to barriers with road traffic signals and audible alarms.

The other locations at Moss, Balne, Henwick Hall, Thorpe Gates and Thorpe Hall already have barriers, road traffic lights and audible alarms, so the change here will not be very noticable. The crossings at Moss, Balne, Henwick Hall and Thorpe Hall will be upgraded from two to four barriers. Thorpe Gates already has four barriers.

The first crossings to be modernised will be Barcroft and Heyworth. These are planned for August 2013. The rest will follow by March 2014.

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