Netherlands: Thank you for waiting

26 Apr

LXinfoImage1152-Cakes as a thank you-ProrailProRail, the Dutch national rail infrastructure manager, was out-and-about on April 25th, 2013 to thank road users for their patience at level crossings. While thanking the road users, ProRail staff members handed out cakes to them as a way of cementing in the minds of road users the safety requirement to wait at level crossings closed to road users for the passage of trains. See the video at:

Also. ProRail took their message into central Amsterdam with hand-held barriers at a 45 degree angle through which people walked. This allowed ProRail staff members to ask the pedestrians why they had walked under the barrier and communicate the rules for the safe use of level crossings. See the video at:

Backing-up the events out-and-about, ProRail released a new radio commercial to get across the safety imperative of waiting.

The background to the campaign is the recent increase in the number of fatal accidents at level crossings in The Netherlands – Nine in 2011, 14 in 2012 and 5 so far in 2013.

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